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Am I able to replace the horn switch without replacing the airbag?


I replaced my high and low horns yesterday which fixed a short occurring in the horns themselves (not sure if that makes sense). However, my initial problem still exists - my horn will engage randomly by itself (whether I am using the vehicle or not). Also, when I press the horn switch, it will often get stuck and continue being engaged without me pressing it. To get it unstuck, I hit the horn switch multiple times.

I assume the horn switch is what needs to be replaced. Am I able to replace the horn switch without replacing the airbag?

@tperdue , if you don't have this yet, it will help out a lot: http://www.gvrdeu.org/Honda%20FSM/Accord...

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@tperdue could be the horn itself or your switch. @parker_ what make and model is your vehicle? same as the OP?


@oldturkey03 2000 Honda Accord LX 2.3L


@parkerSince the horn switch goes through the steering column, it could be a problem with the cable reel. Try a couple of different steering wheel positions to see if that makes a difference.


That being said, you should check if you are entitled to a free airbag replacement. Your airbag could be a deathtrap.



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SOLVED: Replaced airbag assembly.

I was not able to replace the horn button itself without replacing the air bag assembly. Dealership said it’d cost me $1004.90+tax for the part. http://www.lkqcorp.com/en-us/ got me a salvaged part for $50. First salvaged part also had a stuck horn button so exchanged it for another salvaged part. Worked like a charm once I put it in.

Thank you @oldturkey03 for helping me with this issue. I did what you suggested about trying different steering wheel positions and it did not mitigate my issue.

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