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Machine-readable instructions that direct computer processors

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Can't print google or mapquest maps.

Whenever I try to print google or mapquest maps my printer starts to print out 80 plus pages of small print code. I've e-mailed both the printer mfg and google. They both responded by basically saying they're "looking into it".

I've had the printer for several years and it prints out everything else w/o problems.

My printer is a Brother MFC 5440CN.

Computer os is XP Home Edition. Cpu: 2.4ghz w/4gb of ram.

Any ideas??


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Can you try to save the Map's print preview as a pdf? You will need to install a pdf printer if you don't already have one. Then try to print it in adobe acrobat.

PDF Printers:

  • CutePDF - Free
  • BullZip - Free
    • http://www.bullzip.com
    • Bullzip was functional when i tried it- but i remember it having annoying adds or something.
  • Adobe PDF - Installs with paid for adobe products (acrobat pro, creative suite products)

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When I go to print preview I see the code that gets printed instead of the actual map (all 70 pages!). I cant see where to save as a *.pdf file.


Interesting, so you see the code on the print preview after you hit the print button on the Google Maps interface. Well printing to pdf then wouldn't help anyway probably. To touch on that: you won't see a "save as .pdf" option. Instead you will need to install one of those pdf printers i mentioned then hit Ctrl+P (cmd+P, file >print, etc....) to bring up a print dialog. There you will see your normal printers and you should see a PDF printer as well if you have installed it correctly.

On a different note, have you tried viewing it in a different browser? firefox, chrome, opera, etc...


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