Best replacement battery manufacturer?

Hi, I am sourcing a replacement battery for my surface pro 3 and wondering who the best manufacturer is for a 1 time fix, so that i dont have to go in for a battery replacement for another 3-4 years as the OEM battery was designed to do?

From the info i've gathered, all OEM batteries suffer from this problem whether its SDI, Simplo (SDI/simplo may be the same company) or LG, all have been reported as discharging long before they're due.

I have seen some other manufacturers on amazon (VPN, ZTHY) , but i know that from when i purchased replacement cell phone batteries that no-name or mystery-name manufacturers can sometimes be worse than just buying another OEM thats known defective out of box and hoping for best.

Anyone who has replaced their battery please let me know which route you went and if you'd do it again.

Thanks in advance,

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