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Epson's L220 is ideal for home and home office users looking for good-quality, ultra-low-cost printing, scanning, and copying. Released around 2016.

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Epson head not moving.

Dear Sir,

I am using Epson L220. I used one local black ink. So the head is completely blocked. Please suggest me what i need to do.

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Why epson l805 after cleaning head then to fix, but not move?


epson l 220 printer ki light bilking kar rahi hai


Sir Epson l210 me timing belt and encoder change karne par head thoda sa hil rha h khat khat ki awaz ke sath kya Sollution h please help


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L220 is ink tank Printer so would not have cartridge , disconnect the tube connected below the tank take a syringe (with out needle ) fill it with some ink (about 4-5 ml black here) pump it in the tube so that the dried ink on the head is circulated with the ink and blockage is removed, don't forget to keep some tissue papers or rags below the head, flush with the ink twice or thrice it will be alright.

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Dear Sir,

I have epson L805 Printer. When I power ON the printer head is not moving or no sound. Head always still stuck where I left it manually, after some time lights blinking

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