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First-generation Apple iPad with 3G capabilities. Model Number A1337. Available with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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Repacement digitizer had dead zones

I've replaced the digitizer on my ipad because it was cracked.

The reassembly went okay but there are zones that don't work. Particularly the top 30mm or so. I have to keep rotating the the screen to access different keys on the keyboard when typing. I've essentially given up trying to use it but thought to give it one last try.

Of course the digitizer itself may be faulty but I'm wondering if it's a connectivity issue in the ribbon connector?

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It could be both...

I would start by doing a thorough visual inspection of the digitizer connectors on the logic board to insure there isn't any debris. The digitizer connectors also have locking flaps; check them to insure they are not cracked or broken which could cause improper electrical connections. Finally, inspect the flex for tears. Even micro-tears can be problematic due to the trace density involved.

If all of that looks okay, then it's probably your digitizer. You could order another one and try again or have the one you ordered replaced under warranty.

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