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Why my tablet is not detecting sim card inserted in sim slot?

I have a Haver Y11B convertible tablet/laptop system

It's not detecting the sim card inserted in the sim slot, not even after upgrading my Window 8 to Windows 10. Window is not showing any option for cellular setting as it normally does.

I contacted the Window technicians they told me I need to contact the manufacturer or claim my warranty as it is new laptop. or if there is any driver problem only manufacturer.

Can you help me tell the name of the driver or driver type as I have tried too many ways and drivers to resolve the issue but still all in waste of effort.

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From reviewing the owners manual your system does not have a SIM slot. It does have a micro SD slot for added storage

SIM cards:

Block Image

Micro SD:

Block Image

They can be confused! As many phones & tablets have both.

In your tablet he Micro SD is used to offer a means to copy on/off your stored info as well as a means to extend the limited storage of the tablet. It does not have a cellular modem to connect wirelessly to the internet.

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Haier Y11b have both SD card and SIM card slots! which owners manual have you been reading.


@Mahad Nadeem - The one posted above! Haier Y11B. It's likely you have a newer model.


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