Why wont my laptop wont charge?

Hello, I purchased a razer blade stealth and it worked fine for the first couple of months.

However, over time the charging plug became loose (USB C) and broke off the charging cord. I then purchased another charger, and after a couple of weeks, that charger broke too. This time, something inside the power brick overheated and caused warping of the power brick case. I then bought another charger, only for it too, to melt again a few weeks later. I then had no choice to buy a 4th charger, only for this one's charging plug to come loose, just like my first charger. So I decided to try and repair it. I chopped off one of the charging plugs from one of my chargers that had melted and attempted to attach it to my broken charger. This worked for a couple of weeks until one day, the laptop stopped charging and I saw some sparks. The laptop did not shut off instantly, instead, it slowly drained charge as usual and then turned off. so I decided the charger that I repaired must be finally dead. So I bought ANOTHER brand new one. But to my surprise, this would not charge the device either, I left it plugged in overnight but I got no response the next morning. The thing about this laptop is, the power supply components are on the motherboard itself, not their own isolated PCB. Since this laptop's motherboard has the Ram and Cpu soldered on, it will cost me around $700 AUD to get a replacement board. If it is just a MOSFET or something that is broken then I would like to just pay $4 for the part and maybe $100 labour if I cannot solder it on myself. Could anyone please tell me any other reasons why the computer may not be charging and what is the best way to handle this situation?

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