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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with a 1 TB capacity.

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Why is my drive not showing up on my desktop?

I have a WD Ultra Passport.

It's not showing up on my desktop.

2015 MacPro

Sierra OS 10.12.16

• I've tried different USB ports

• I've tried a different laptop

• I've tried another USB cable.

• The LED light blinks or is solid.

• I hear it whirling inside.

• It shows up on my disk utility. However the device itself is grayed out.

• It also show up in my system report/hardware/USB

Any suggestions would be most welcomed.

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From the desktop go under Finder to Preferences > General and check the box that says

External Disks

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The first thing I would do is run a live gparted disk on the system and examine the partition information to see if something has been altered. I don't have a drive like yours so you will have to research how the drive was originally partitioned to be able to tell if something has changed. I think most such drives come with NTFS partitions these days but you really should check for your WD drive and not make such an assumption.

Link for downloading live gparted images


Then I found this:


Note to self... never buy WD jump drives as they contain proprietary nonsense that inhibits full use of the hardware apparently. If you don't want to face a lot of googling and potentially fatal mistakes you may want to find a data recovery specialist to look at your drive if it won't work on your Mac or on a current Windows system.

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