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Repair guides and support for iRulu tablets.

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Why is my device not powering up?

my device is not powering up. I suspect its because my kids have exhausted the memory space. the device just turns as if it wants to open but it does not open. please help.

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I have the Irulu SpiritBook S1L and I haven’t used it in about 1 1/2 years. Every time I power it on it just goes to a black screen. How do I fix that?


My irulu won't charge. Could it be the battery and how do I fix it?


Someone dropped my irulu tablet, and became black.


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I'm not sure why it wouldn't boot up, but yiu may be able to enter recovery mode...

Recovery Mode options vary for each Android device and can be different even on devices from the same manufacturer. Depending on your model of iRULU tablet, you may need to try other combinations, which include:

Home button + Volume Down button + Power button

Power button + Volume Down button

Power button + Home button + Volume Up button

Power button + Volume Up button

Power button + Volume Up button + Volume Down button

Power button + Volume Up button

Power button + Home button

Follow the steps provided below to perform a Hard Reset on your iRULU Android Tablet:


Turn your iRULU tablet off.


Press and hold the correct key combination to boot your Android tablet into Recovery Mode.


Release the power buttons once your screen turns on and the device vibrates.

Keep holding the other buttons for 10 seconds.


Your Tablet should now boot into Recovery Mode.


Scroll down to the 'Factory Reset' option using the volume down key.


Select the 'Factory reset' option by pressing the power button.


Now your Tablet will start the hard resetting process.


Keep in mind that once the process begins don't press any buttons and don't try to turn the device off.


Your tablet should now be reset

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Micheal, thank you. It finally worked. After being on my shelf for 2 years. I couldn't find anything that would help, until I came across this post. Thanks again.


but my irulu tab is windows 8



iRULU WalknBook how can windos format

boot key?


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