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Rapid battery drain & overheating home button

I bought a used iPhone 6s a month ago, the previous owner had replaced the battery just before selling. As I got the phone, it showed that touch ID couldn't be activated, the previous owner said he didn't have that problem before the battery replacement. I didn't think much of it until I started to notice that the battery was draining very fast, especially on standby. Also the home button gets hot when I'm not using the phone.

Yesterday I noticed my screen bulging up from the left edge, apparently the battery was swollen and I paid to get it replaced, only to get the new battery and experience the same kind of draining (for example currently it has been on airplane mode and untouched for 40 minutes and the battery went from 87% to 61%).

Could it be the home button/touch ID? And would replacing it work, or is there a risk that the problem would still persist and I would just waste money while the phone would still be practically unusable?

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There's a very high likelihood that that the two are related. The TouchID/Home Button/Flex Link may have been damaged when the battery was replaced just before you bought it. To boot, whoever replaced the battery the first time appears to have used a cheap replacement battery.

To troubleshoot, I would turn on Assistive Touch (Settings/General/Accessibility/Assistive Touch) so that you can navigate your phone without a home button. Then I would open it up, using this guide, to do a good visual inspection of the Home button, the thin flex connector coming out of the button as well as the flex extension/link that goes beneath the backlight (check out this picture as a reference). Finally, inspect the connectors where the screen assembly connects to the logic board, specifically the one highlighted in Step 20 of the linked guide.

If everything looks good, then disconnect only the Home Button to see if the battery drain issue is resolved. If the Home Button is the issue, you can replace it but you will lose TouchID functionality. Unfortunately, it sounds like you were sold a defective device.

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For other people coming to this thread:

I had a similar problem: 3rd party home button on iPhone 6s and battery emptying in 8hrs on standby.

The person who replaced the home button took the screen off and the A9 (black square towards the top of the phone) was too hot to touch, even on standby.

The fix was to get a new 3rd party home button from a "different factory". Right now the phone has been on standby for 16 hours and the battery is still at around 90%.

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I had a similar issue. Here is the long story. On day 3 of having iphone i dropped the phone and cracked the screen. Went cheap route and got screen replaced at a fixit place. Worked great for probably a year. Then one day started getting touch id not available errors. From that day the battery drained real fast. Didnt notice it hot but battry wouldnt last but about 8hrs even in stanby with airplane mode on. Took to several fixit shops they said couldnt fix it. Apple first first replaced battery which didnt help. They dont just fix the button but if you get a screen replacement they also changeout the home button and he said camera as well. After that working great. If it happens again i would just get the screen replaced again since it is more of a complete replacement and im sure i have clicked the home button has been pressed couple thousand times. Things wear out.

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