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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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Where can I find a 5V source other than the usb port?

i am trying to find a 5V source inside my macbook. (early 2008 A1181) i have back lit my keyboard using the back lighting sheet from a mac book air and also taking the keys from the key board and replacing them onto my macbook. currently the light sheet runs a + - to a usb cable that i have run to the exterior of my mac through the security locking hole on the left side. i would like to find a source of 5V inside the mac so i can get rid of the usb cable running out the side.

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You could solder it to the logic board where the 5v pin is on a USB port... However this would take power away from the USB port. It may be possible to take it from the keyboard itself since it is a USB device. I would check the ribbon cable with a multimeter for the right voltage.

Another place to check would be the disc drive power connector. Depending on how often you use the drive, this might be a good option.

I'd like to here more about this mod, since I hate typing in the dark. Maybe put up some links to some images.

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yes taking it from the usb inside the mac would work but then i would lose use of that port, as well the logic board contacts are not easily accessible. the disc drive is a good idea same with the keyboard itself. i never thought of that. also i know if those don't work fan is also 5V but i'm not willing to risk fan power. i will try your ideas.

i can tell you for sure it is not something easy to do.. you pretty much have to be willing to jeopardize the life of your macbook. i can give you the website to see pictures and step-by-step instructions on how it is done.

this is where i got the idea. i did get a little help from the person who posted the mod, but a lot is personal interpretation. i would be more than willing to give any advice to anyone willing to try


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