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Repair and troubleshooting information for the ATT Trek HD tablet with model number 9020A. This 8 inch tablet was sold by AT&T starting in May 2015.

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How do replace a broken screen on Tablet Trek 9020A HD?

I have an ATT Trek Tablet HD 9020A with a cracked screen. I have found replacements on ebay but am not able to locate any instructions on how to go about this. I don't know what tools I will need or any additional supplies I will need to purchase.

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You can pop the case open with a knife, from there, it's just one connector to dis connect the display. And then it just snaps back together.

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where is the connector you have to disconnect? Haven't ordered screen or taken mine apart yet. Still works, but cracked screen. Investigating what to do. No insurance on it.


bought the replacement digitizer for cracked screen, but cannot get old one off. Took back off and see tab to disconnect, but cannot figure out how to get screen off the front. have unscrewed every screw. Do I need a hot air gun? Please advise.


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Ask the eBay shop where you get the replacement parts for a video about how to replace it.

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