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The Samsung E1410 is a dual-band GSM phone that features a color CSTN display, an MP3 player, and a microSD slot for memory.

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Can I install a 3.5mm adaptor in my mobile earphones ?


I have a Samsung E1410 mobile phone. It's a pretty low-end phone, and the earphones that come with it aren't very good.

It has a wire that goes into the mic and comes out of the other end as two wires, one for each earphone.

Is it possible to install a 3.5mm audio port above the mic so that I can use any other earphone with it ?

Is it advisable to do so ? Could other earphones cause problems ?

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you could - BUT the wires are very fine, thin insulation etc. It would be a very 'fiddly' job.

Strip the wires back and identify the (common) ground, and left and right channel - then you can fit an in-line 3.5mm socket to them.

You need to work out how the mechanics work - as not to put too much stress on the wires.

Use high impedance earphones and you will cause no problems.

When soldering take care not to melt trough the insulation of the audio wires

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If the wires are the really thin type as mentioned above (e.g. they are coloured green, gold or red, with no apparent insulation, it means each strand is insulated) , you'll also need to burn back the insulation from the wires with a lighter. Otherwise the wire won't tin properly and be a nightmare to solder to the connector.

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Umm...do you mean to say that the strands that are in the main wire are also insulated and are meant to be kept out of each other's contact ? And that you can't just twist the wires like the electrical copper wires ??


This is not an answer. It should be a comment on someone else's answer.


Sorry, my bad. I thought it was like a regular forum.


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