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A1706 / EMC 3071—Released in November 2016, this 13" Macbook Pro introduces the OLED Touch Bar. Features a dual-core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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A1706 A1707 and A1708 Keyboard Compatibility?

I have the opportunity to get hold of some A1706/A1707/A1708 keyboards, and was wondering if anyone has replaced the keyboard on this model yet? There is not a really high demand for the newer models yet in the UK, but seeing as how the 12" UK keyboards are now being sold for £120+, I want to get them while they are cheap :)

I'm hesitant since the Touch Bar models have a chip on the logic board which communicates with the Touch Bar (I assume it is linked similar to Touch ID on iPhones, in the sense that it has to be programmed when changed), and I am not sure if it IDs the keyboard in any way, due to the newer Retina keyboards having ICs on the back.

If anyone has replaced a keyboard successfully on this model please pipe up!

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I have replaced the keyboard on the A1707 and A1708. Not sure if they are swappable but seems so. The keyboard is not linked to any IC so changing keyboard will not affect the TouchID. The irritating thing is you need to reuse the rivets securing the keyboard that you have already plucked out to re-insert them when you install the new keyboard. If anyone has better solutions on how to install the new keyboard do give comment!


hi @just1ed. have you attempted to use a keyboard screw set from an earlier range, such as is done when replacing the keyboards on the earlier retina ranges?

We typically use screws from a unibody MacBook pro from 2008-2012 to attach a retina keyboard (between 2012-2015).

Its possible the rivets are different sizes, so the screws wont work, but its worth a try.


@just1ed, Have you replaced only the keyboard or the entire top case, including the touch bar?


I’ve replaced only the keyboard. I have also replaced only the OLED Touch Bar before too.


@just1ed and how hard is to replace only the touch bar? My is not working anymore.


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Sorry for the delay, i've been on holiday! thanks @mayer for the heads up on this question.

Apple sell the touch ID as part of the logic board, so it is very much like iOS devices in that sense. You cannot swap the touch ID on its own without having a matching logic board for security.

The keyboard has its own dedicated socket, so although it is much more complicated a design to earlier models, the keyboard is not mapped or altered (as some MacBook air models are) by the logic an IC.

Saying that, i've not had the need to strip out the keyboard from the top case chassis yet, so haven't experimented with its removal yet. But just be aware, the keycaps are different to the 12" models. We've classed them as a new type on our system because the clips are different thicknesses and have different alignment to the 12" versions. (most dont know this, but there are actually 2 different colour keycaps, so when you are ordering keyboards, try and specify if you are getting the space grey, or the silver/gold keyboard for the 12", or the space grey or silver version in the 13" and 15" 2016/17 models. its a very slight colour difference, but enough to notice if you have one of each keycap next to each other.

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That's great, thanks for your input. Seems like the keyboards are not linked to the Touch ID in any way; the ICs on the back of the keyboard must solely be for the keyboard backlight like the 12" models


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The most knowledgeable keyboard company is right in your backyard in Liverpool:


Let's see if Jon can help on this, he's a contributor to this site:

Jon Ridley


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The A1706 and A1707 are not compatible. The difference is a tab at the bottom that is slightly wider on the A1706. The keyboard will not fit. I know this because I just had the honor of taking an A1707 keyboard out only to find that my vendor sent me an 1706. Fun fun.

Block Image

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That's pretty strange. My A1706 and A1707 keyboards are the same. Only the A1708 is different. My vendor lists the A1706 and A1707 as the same part.


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