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No picture, sound is okay. How can it be fixed. 3 yr old

How can I fix the picture , it is flashing.

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is there anything else that it is doing? is it heating up? what sounds is it making, if it is making any sounds? plz specify.


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Patti, this is probably either capacitors going out or cold solder joints. Are you even interested in knowing how to fix those, getting a soldering iron and a multimeter, finding sources for parts and ordering them, learning how to diagnose, test and solder or is your question rhetorical?

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@missylamb the importance here is how many times the LED blinks. Since you have sound but no video the usual suspects are the T-Con board, the LCD panel itself and the LVDS cables. We would need your exact model number as well as how many times the LED blinks. You can of course remove the back of the TV and post plenty of good images of your boards with your question. That will help us to see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

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Hi, I am from India.I also had this issue, It's the led backlight has gone bad. Company will ask to change the entire panel assembly , for huge amount of money. Or ask to buy a Annual maintenance contract. Still expensive. Simply go to AliExpress website, buy led backlight bars and replace them. Or u can also buy individual LEDs there, and reflow/hot air solder it yourself. Its a known issue, try to Google some complaint forums as well, for evidence/proof, The LG company is fraud. The service guy took ₹3500, but on aliexpress it costs only ₹2000 & now even less. Thank you, Good Luck.

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