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A portable music player which, by utilization of flash memory, allows you to carry your favorite music with you in a very small, light-weight package.

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Can memory be increased on this model

Wondering if memory can be increased from 512M to say 4G on this MP3 player?

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m200 series[edit]

The Sansa m200 series (m240, Gray)

The Sansa m200 series are digital audio players that have been released in four models: m230 (512MB), m240 (1 GB), m250 (2 GB), and m260 (4 GB). The players have a built-in FM tuner and microphone, and supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and Audible (.aa) audio file formats. It comes in different colors (one for each memory size) such as blue, black, pink, and gray, and uses a single AAA battery for power. There were four different hardware revisions of this player. The first three revisions used a Telechips TCC770 SoC for a CPU and DSP, and the fourth using a chip developed by Austria Microsystems and also used in the Clip, Fuze and later e200/c200 models.

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natebfree what @mayer is trying to say is that you cannot do that. Your memory consist of BGA IC's that are soldered to the circuit board. Unless you would have the right tools, the right stencil, and the right NAND memory IC, the answer is no.


Thanks. I thought this was the case but you never know someone might have upgraded the memory chip and wrote about it. So thought I would ask.


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