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The 8.9" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in November, 2013.

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Will Kindle HDX power up when apart?

Will a Kindle Fire HDX power up when it is apart?

I took the Kindle apart to replace the battery, charged the battery and it shows approximately a 3.8 V charge. I tried turning it on while still apart and nothing .... just wondering if it needs to be put back together to turn on? Just trying to avoid putting it back together if it is not a battery problem and having to take it apart again. Thanks for the help.

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Some devices won't power unless reassembled to a certain level (eg. the Sony PSP 300x-series won't power on unless the LCD panel is pressed against some contacts on the motherboard by the case) and that might be the case with your Kindle here too.

If I were you, I wouldn't worry that much, I'd just double-check all connections then reassemble it without fastening it properly (like, w/o all screws or without the glue or whatever)

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