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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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iFlash microSD/SD card adapter with iPod 7th Generation

Hi guys,

couple of weeks ago my iPod classic started acting weird, to the point that I can't sync it with iTunes anymore. I have checked number of reallocs on the HDD and its around 13k so I guess this is the problem. While looking into the topic of fixing the devil, I've came across couple of options:

1) Apple Store - cost between 120-250 quid so nah

2) Fixing it by myself with a 1.8" HDD - cost around 100 quid (getting there but still nah)

3) Fixing it by myself with a iFlash SD/microSD card adapter - adapter itself 33 quid plus the cost of the sd cards *winner?*

I want to go with option number 3, as it will be easier/cheaper to fix in the future (instead of buying new disk, ill just but new cards), but it generates couple concerns.

1. Is it actually a good option? Are these adapters an actual thing, or just a rip off

2. Is it better to go for double SD or quad microSD? It would be cheaper to acheive lets say 256gb with quad microSD than with two SD cards, but is the save/read speed would be the same?

What do you guys think?

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I did an iFlash upgrade for a customer on an iPod 7th generation. It went smoothly and the customer is very satisfied. I opted for the iFlash Solo and a 256GB Flash Drive.

As for which iFlash card to get, I guess it depends on if you have any memory cards on hand. I opted for a very fast card.

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i tried this and itunes keeps saying that my ipod is corrupted. and windows keeps wanting me to format.

i try and restor using itunes, and once it's done it just says it's corrupted again

any help?


It should be pretty straightforward. Make sure the Flash cards are properly formatted before. iTunes is the only thing you need to worry about here as it acts as the interface for the iPod. Also double check that the flat cable connecting the iFlash Solo is properly connected and not damaged.


thanks, but that didn't help me at all..


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It is very straight forward, just make sure you get a quality micro sd card or four. I recommend Samsung and Sandisk. I am sure the PNY is good too, but I have not used them.

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