Music coming through speakers and not earbuds?

So it's like this. The other day I was just walking around the house listening to music on Spotify. My phone was in my pocket. All of a sudden, the music isn't coming through my earbuds. I'm using Smokin' Buds 2 by Skullcandy. I thought that maybe I had accidentally pulled the cord out of the phone, and that is why the music wasn't playing. However, when I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check if the cord was still in the phone, it was completely in the headphone jack. I then realized that the music wasn't coming through my earbuds, but was playing out loud through the phone's speaker. I tested the earbuds on a different phone, and they worked. I tested a different pair of earbuds on my phone, and they worked too. So it seems like there isn't a problem with either my earbuds or my phone, but a problem when they're together. I have no clue what's happening. This happened completely at random and totally caught me off guard. I tried playing music and audio through other means, such as on Google Play Music and even Youtube. Every time I tried my earbuds they never worked, but if I use a different pair they work. My supposedly "broken" earbuds work on any of my other devices, and properly at that. I've tried restarting my phone. I've tried turning it off and cleaning out lint from the headphone jack, even though there was none. Nothing is working. I really don't want to have to buy another pair of earbuds to use, since all the other ones I have are really old and super uncomfortable. Any thoughts or fixes? Much love and appreciation for any help.

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