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Android tablet released in September of 2014. Lenovo Tab S8-50F

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Is my bricked tablet just due to a failed USB charging connector?

Hi all!

I have a tablet that is showing no sign of life whatsoever. Nothing happened to it, seemingly the battery just died while connected to a computer that went to hibernate, and the next day no way to turn the tablet back on.

All in all, I'm figuring it might just be the USB connector, which I'm hoping for because they are quite easy to find on ebay and such (which is also why I'm suspecting this may just be a common fault on those tablets). But before buying and playing with a soldering iron, I'd like to diagnose it.

Is there an easy way to do this? Using an old USB cable and bypassing the connector by connecting two leads directly to the main board, or something along those lines?

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Update: I bought the same model second hand. I gave the old one another shot, now that I knew it was probably fine behind a blown up USB plug. Swapped the batteries.

The old tablet does turn on, but is extremely slow to do so. It took about 20 minutes to boot. Then the screen is not responsive - i bring up the lockscreen instantly by pushing power button, but then no amount of swiping does anything, so the screen just goes to dimming.

I'm not really sure what could cause that, although the 10 odd months on a drained battery can't have helped. I could just wipe and restore factory settings, but I think it is worth trying to get the data off of it first. I'll get a USB connector online and try installing it, maybe then i can get pictures from connecting to a PC. I am afraid i will be stuck at android defaulting to a "charge only connection" and not being able to select the data transfer mode though...

Any other suggestions welcome :)


Last update: I got it to work. nothing special, just cycled a couple of times on/off and it would get a bit less sluggish each time. By the third or fourth cycle I could copy all my photos on the SD card and then was able to factory reset. Works just fine now, only need to replace the little board that carries the usb plug, 8 GBP coming from HK, no soldering required.

Thanks for the help!


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you could buy a usb amp meter from ebay to see if its drawing any power, if it shows its taking a certain voltage and amps it will tell if it is charging

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Good advice, it made me think of just trying a friend's charger which has an LED lighting up when actually charging... Could confirm the tablet is not charging. Thanks!


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This Might work. It seems to work in recovering a lot of Lenovo tablets.

1. Plug the power adapter into the Tablet

2. With the adapter plugged in, Hold down the power button for 20 seconds

3. Disconnect the power adapter from the Tablet and press the power button for 20 seconds.

4. Reconnect the power adapter and turn on the Tablet.

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My original question, how to detect whether it's the USB plug that's broken or something more serious, ultimately was answered by a battery swap.

But an easy first step is to check whether or not the tablet is charging, and I could do that with a USB wall charger that happens to have an LED indicator - borrow one like this, or use a power bank as they seem to often have indicators. Compare how the lights behave on a working device vs. your bricked one, it'll at least let you know that the charging circuit is broken and it is probably worth trying to replace it for few bucks.

If you only care about the data, then find a compatible battery to borrow or a way to charge your likely drained one.

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Please let me know if I should close this topic one way or another. It seems a bit tacky to accept my own answer...


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