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(General iPhone Question) How to tell a bad charging port from bad IC?

A friend of mine has an iPhone 6S that wouldn't charge. She brought it to a shop and they replaced the charging port but it still wouldn't charge. She was then told that it was a bad IC on the motherboard, something that required microsoldering to repair. They recommended a place, they did the work, and it's fixed now.

Without taking the time/energy to replace the charging port, is there a way to definitively tell if the problem is within the charging port verses the bad IC?

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Without actually replacing the charging port, there is an easy way to differentiate between charging port and board failure, but you still need a known good charging port:

- Turn off the iPhone, unplug the charging port, overlay and plug in the known good charging port, connect to known good charging cable and block.

-- If the iPhone turns on and starts to charge, the old charging port is bad.

-- If the iPhone does not turn on or does not charge using the new charging port, the failure is at the level of the board.

Bonus: using a USB amp meter, measure amp draw before, during and after replacement.

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Is there any way to test without access to a charging port that is guaranteed good?


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If you have access to a USB Ammeter, you could use that to determine if the phone is really drawing current when it says it's charging.

You can also measure the output voltage of the charge circuit (measure at the battery FPC connector with the battery disconnected). If it very low (instead of 4.2V), that would be indicative of a defective Tristar. Check out this How to I test the Tristar?.

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What if the phone was SOMETIMES charging? Plug it in, sometimes it charges and sometimes it doesn't. When it DOES charge, sometimes it charges for a few seconds, other times for several minutes, and other times for an hour or more (without any vibration or interference to the charging process). Would that be indicative of a bad port or a bad IC?


That's hard to say...I could see this being caused by both a bad port or bad IC (although TBH, I would think Port first). It's pretty easy to pop one on the circuit without removing the original first.


Always check that there is no lint caught in the charging port, preventing charging and often preventing proper insertion of the charging cable.


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I have a question. So my iPhone 6+ will not charge on my charger but other iPhones will. And if I put my iPhone 6+ on a DIFFERENT charger it will work just fine so idk what’s wrong. I cleaned the charging port and the charger itself but nothings working please help!!!

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