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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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Samsung S7 screen bleeding purple despite screen replacement?

I dropped my samsung s7 and the screen wasn't cracked but was non responsive (button worked OK, so screen was lit up just not responding to touch) and then gradually leaked purple. So I had it replaced. And within 2 hours the same thing happened.

I am taking it back to the repair shop tomorrow, but is this really a screen issue or is there something more serious going on?


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@sophie2017 if it starts to "leak" then it is most likely the display. If it would be anything else it would either work or not, but not leak the color.

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thanks. initially i wondered if it was residual purple from damaged screen but there is so much of it so perhaps new display is also faulty and its just unlucky?

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I run a repair shop and replace these frequently,

in the last 2 weeks i have had 2 repairs come back doing this exact thing. After RMAing lcd twice, the replacements continue to do this issue. I even ordered one right from here to see if it was a quality difference.

My theory is possibly the heat from the motherboard or battery is making direct contact with the back of the lcd panel and causing damage. If i have another like this i am going to insulate the exposed area over the battery with some electric tape to see if it possibly helps, but this is becoming an expensive issue for even myself.

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The only factor that is similar with both, the clients took the phones to bestbuy and installed some 50$ tempered glass screen, then shortly after the bleeding occurred. I am not 100% certain if is related but hey, ill put the info out and see what answers we can get.


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