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Windows 7 15.6" laptop by Toshiba / Intel Core i3 processor

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Why isn't my laptop turning on

Everytime i open my laptop, it says: preparing automatic repair

Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC log ; press "advanced options" of shut down to turn off your PC


Once i click advanced options i try everything from use a device to troubleshoot but nothing works.

All i want is to get all documents files pictures videos etc.. in my hard disk without formatting. Please help.

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Do you have access to another Windows system? If you do you can salvage your files using a SATA to USB adapter like this one: Startech 2.5" SATA to USB adapter.

Follow this YouTube vid on removing your drive: Toshiba Satellite L855 / L855D Series: HDD Replacement.

Connect your drive to the adapter and then onto your working PC. transfer all your files over so you can then wipe the drive and try to re-install the OS.

Hopefully you still have the CD that came with your system. If not you'll need to order it from Toshiba support as it has the needed drivers for your system.

You may want to consider replacing the drive as your old drive maybe on its last legs.

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