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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Why can I only play1 blue ray then go to put another one in and nothin

So I put a blue ray in it will play then I put another in and nothing I thought it was bad disks but I replace them and nothing it still plays DVD and blue ray games just only one movie a night it seems

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Sounds like the laser might be getting weak. No way for me to know for sure...that's just my guess based on the symptoms.

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Ok well I have a warranty however is there a upgrade for it what's the cheapest fix other than exchange it


There's no upgrade for it and the cheapest fix would be to have it replaced. I don't know of anywhere that is selling those drives though so a repair might work but it's not a guarantee that that will fix it. If it's a laser problem that can be fixed but there's just no way to know if it's the laser that's bad without testing it. My company charges $99.99 for Pro disc drive repairs but I would highly recommend just exchanging it.


A repair will void your warranty. If you have a valid warranty use it!


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