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This page is intended for the Asus TF300T tablet released May of 2012. The Android operating system allows for users to use the tablet for multiple tasks.

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White section on LCD


a white section started appearing on the top of the screen.

There also is a small crack on the screen itself (not on the digitiser) and a small leak, partially visible on the right side of the photo.

Digitiser itself works alright.

Also, no part of the displayed area is missing due to the white section. The displayed area is just fully resized to the working part of the display.

Photo: https://pasteboard.co/GNdWu5v.jpg

Block Image

Would it be broken LCD (due to the crack)? Or a cable / connection problem? Or other hardware problem?

Thank you,


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Jan Chmelař that looks like a broken LCD. Replace by using this guide Asus TF300T Tablet Display Replacement then re-evaluate

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