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This notebook was released in 2005 and marketed by Lenovo. It has the ability to work as both a tablet PC and a portable laptop.

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Laptop doesnt charge battery or turns on the battery


Laptop turns on on AC even if battery is inserted.. but doesnt charge or takes power from battery.

Laptop doesnt turn on if only battery just inserted.

instant switches off if removing ac while battery is inserted

laptop outputs power

battery outputs power as well

cant find where is the problem..

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Just a quick question: how do you know that the battery is working?


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The battery on your laptop is probably long dead. You can pick up a replacement battery from online resellers for around $45-100 if you’d like.

That said, depending on your use, I would recommend investing in a new computer, as even after this repair, this computer is not capable of many tasks in 2019 and will be running insecure software that is exploitable and dangerous.

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I am not saying this will work for you but sometimes I use to switch off battery function, what I mean by that is, I use to use the battery interface to switch off battery charging whenever my AC adapter was plugged in since I had it plugged in 100% of the time. I would have the battery charged full but use only AC power.

So see if you accidentally turned off battery function and have your laptop working on AC power only. that way if your battery is not fully charged and you unplug the AC adapter your laptop will turn off.

Otherwise, as Alex asked, how do you know it is working? There should be a function allowing you to test your battery, to see what its charge rate is, to see how well it is holding charge and how much charge it is actually holding.

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