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Micro SD storage cards manufactured by Samsung Group.

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Could not format or flash my SD Card.

My Samsung 64GB Class 10 exFAT Micro SD Card is suddenly stopped working. So, i tried to format but it says unable to format. As per the instructions in google i've tried everything, none of them is working. I've even dowloaded many softwares and tried to format. The software says succesful but the data remains the same. I want to flash it completely. What should i do now? Please help me in this.

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You state: 'the data stays the same' So what it had on it still shows as if the format didn't work?


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Hi @ezeke2211

AFAIK some flash memory has a mechanism, when there are many bad blocks or failing, the SD card will be locked to read only, as to prevent further data corruption.

You can try to use AOMEI partition assistant.

If it fails to bring back the write function, most prob the card is having many failure blocks / lifespan has reached.

depending on your region, you can send your defective SD card to samsung for a replacement,

e.g from my region

Warranty Period


SD Standard - Limited 5 years

EVO, EVO Plus, EVO Select, PRO, PRO Plus, PRO Select - Limited 10 years

UFD (USB Flash Drive) - Limited 5 years

This warranty will only apply to the types of product specified above.

The Warranty Period on any replacement product will be the remaining portion of the Warranty Period given on your original product.

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