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Released in 2013, identified by model number: RZ03-0038, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and product number: RZ03-00381900-R3U1.

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I spilled water on keyboard and I need help

I spilled some water on my keyboard and i imediatly dryed it as best i could and set in the sun to dry (only about 70° weather not sure if that makes a difference) but when i came back and plugged it in it seemed to work fine untill i realized that my: right arrow key, both my delete keys, my right control key and my spacebar all didnt work, is there anyway that id be able to fix this or am i screwed

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i would go get a big plastic bin juuust big enough to hold the keyboard and about two big bottles of 91% rubbing alcohol from walmart and take apart the keyboard as much as possible and submerge it in the rubbing alcohol and shake it around in there to loosen up any debris and corrosion that may have occurred from the liquid then let it dry for like an hour and try it. then if still nothing repeat

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Do what this man says. Submerge the keyboard in 91% ISA. Only let it dry for longer than an hour. Leave it in the sun for a couple of days.



I agree with @tcrs_circuit , use 91%+ IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol -available at most pharmacies).

Try not to use anything labelled as "rubbing" alcohol as it is not as effective as 91%+ IPA, unless there is no 91%+ IPA available. If you do check the label first. "Rubbing" alcohol is usually only 70% or less and it can also contain other ingredients such as scents etc.


I've fixed phones and computers for 8 years and have brought hundreds of devices back from water damage. its my specialty. what do you have to lose anyway?


and yeah isopropyl alcohol has to be 91% or higher. and yeah leaving it out to dry longer wont hurt either. if you can open it up more and wipe it down with some paper towels or a soft bristle tooth brush on any exposed connections inside. the residue inside the liquid is either stopping connections or shorting out the board and the alcohol breaks that up and pushes any remaining liquid out. then the alcohol dries very quick itself unlock water or other liquids.


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You'd better reorder a new one...


Or, Just leave it in the sun, if its only water and it functions fine, it will dry in no time.

Your lucky its still working.

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