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There are several types of PowerBook G3 models.

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Hard drive bracket in Lombard/Pismo compatible with Wallstreet?

From looking at the repair guides for the Wallstreet, Lombard and Pismo PowerBook G3s I realize that the Lombard, and subsequently the Pismo models have different hard drive brackets from the Wallstreet model. I am wondering, whether the later-revision brackets can be used in the Wallstreet PowerBook G3.

On eBay, I have purchased a Wallstreet PowerBook G3 without hard drive or bracket. I also found a bracket there that looks like its from a Lombard or Pismo PowerBook. I would like to know, whether I should purchase it.

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I looked again, this time more closely, at the pictures from the hard drive replacement guide for the Wallstreet PowerBook G3. Its hard drive bracket has an integrated connector interfacing between the hard drive and the computer. The brackets for the Lombard and Pismo 'books don't. I guess, this means that the hard drive brackets are not compatible.


I performed a search for this bracket as the circuit board on the front of mine is burned out. I may need a new circuit board for this. I found the same bracket by searching on ebay and typed in bracket M4753 Powerbook G3. Not everyone seems to have the circuit board as well. I wish someone would print a few out for me if I draw it up for them to print out.


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These don't appear to be swapable at all. They use completely different types of connectors.

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