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Can anyone please help me out, my dell laptop comes on but it cannot Dispaly at all I have connected it to an monitor and change the ram but stay not displaying.

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Hi @li7 ,

What is the model number of your laptop?

Please verify whether or not you have a display showing on the external monitor.

If there is also no display on the external monitor then there is a problem with the motherboard or the GPU.


@jayeff Dell laptops won't display anything on an external monitor unless they pass the POST...


Hi @alexniculescu ,

Thank you for the info.

I was going on the fact that the OP said that it "comes on" plus that he didn't mention that there were any beeps or blinking LEDs indicating an error early on in the startup process. To me this indicated that it probably had passed POST and had booted OK, just with no display ;-)


@li7 do you hear any beeping?


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