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The Dell Latitude E6410 is a 14" laptop released by Dell.

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Forgotten entry password locked out

Can't get past the initial locked screen where you put in a password to open & log on.

It's a laptop I haven't used in awhile & I've forgotten my password.

Anyone know a safe way to get into a Dell Latitude e6410 w/o the password??

Update (10/23/2017)

Thought it sounded good so said "YES!" before I called.

When I called they said it would be approx$150.00

IF I wanted to try & keep what might be on it

and approx $100 if they just wiped it out & started over!

plus now they have my info & serial number etc

CRAZY! no way = so if anyone one else has a better idea

on how to be able to get past the password sign-in page

PLEASE let me know ok!

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@mamala since this is a system password all you have to do is contact Dell Technical Support at (800)624-9896. Once it is established that you are the rightful owner of this machine, they will provide you with a password. If you are not the original Latitude owner, they will transfer the registration from the original owner to you.

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If its not in warranty they want to charge at Dell instead of telling you how to bypass it....horrible company... Dont buy Dell.


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