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I need a new ribbon cable for the control/charge board.

Hi all,

First off all, I did a screen replacement because the old screen was broken. After I reassembled it I had a few issues with the ebook again, so started to check what could be wrong but couldn't find an. So I've back together again. But after a usage of a couple of weeks the reader's battery was empty, and I wanted to charge it but nothing happened.

After a closer inspection I found out that I damaged the the flex/ribbon cable from the control/charging board.

The controls work fine but it won't charge nor connect to a pc anymore.

So my question is, what kind of flex/ribbon cable can I use to fix the problem?

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koffieleut if you are looking for the one that comes from the control board to the PCB,

Block Image

those will be hard to find. It appears as if Sony does not sell those anywhere separately. You could try and see if you can scour a reader of the same model as yours, but that is broken otherwise and harvest the cable from that. Or you could contact companies that make flat flexible cable systems like this one and see if they can match you up. Molex has long been the most common supplier of FFC and FPC cables, so you may just find what you need on here. Not easy, but repair never is.

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