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10 MP camera with 20x wide angle optical image stabilized zoom. Released in December 2008.

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Just about the SCREWS... (PC1304)

I've unscrewed the outside case of my PowerShot and can't find out which screw should be in their original place... There was too many types of screws and even different threads for the same length...

p.s. My camera model is PC1304.

Update (10/21/2017)

These parts are the one I've unscrewed.

Block Image

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je ne peux lire le schema en grossissant l image help!


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@ariker you did not really specify which screws you cannot identify. Good practice when taking things apart is to use an icecube tray and separate the screws as you remove them. Each screw into their own bin :-) anyhow enough Monday morning quarterbacking. Check the attached image and pick the screws according to their diagram number from the parts list. Here is where it gets interesting. Canon use a unique parts number list and does not describe the sizes or anything on their lists. So you will depend on trying to use the search engine of your liking and see if you can find the proper size by checking different vendors. You need a set of calipers to measure the screws, sort them according to size. You will find out that there are 23 screws in 12 different sizes for the complete case.

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks! This really helps a lot! But I can't find any info for the bottom and some of the others. I've teared down only 2 parts presented in my attached image. It was just all the screws on these parts from outside. And actually I have no idea about the screw model numbers you've presented in the second image. Please suggest some ways to identify and use them. Thanks!


By the way, my photo is upper in my updated question.


Eric Huang ok you do need to check those numbers that are listed on the screws. For example screw number 101 is a Canon part number CD4-3212-000. You would have to use that number to search. In your case it is screw number 111 (x2) 112 (x2) 101 and 110 (x2).

So you should have 7 screws in a group of four. Measure the screw diameter size with a set of calipers so you can then place the like screws together. Now you would only have to try four different screws before you find the right one. Granted not an easy way but in your case the only way. It does show the importance of properly separating the screws during disassembly


Oh, I get it! Thanks for helping and being patient. I've recoverd all the screws. Thanks again!


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