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microphone cannot work with whatapp

microphone cannot work with whatapp, viber and skype.

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Have you gone to Settings --> WhatsApp, Settings --> Viber, and Settings --> Skype and enabled the microphone for each of these?

The go to settings --> Privacy --> Microphone, and make sure those are enabled from there as well.


I have done that but still does not work. All you hear is a shee sound. Every other thing works fine. Like talking on a normal call, recording a video with a sound or the phone on a loud speaker.


You wont be able to fix this guys. Just use your original headset that has microphone on it. That will work in this phone.


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Hi There,

As you stated Loudspeaker and other stuff works. I m assuming the noise cancelation mic which is probably messed up or the Siri Mic on the front camera flex is not that good.

Trying changing them. Hopefully it should work.

Also, Check if your phone is on IOS 11.0 or 11.2. If yes please upgrade

Please update to IOS 11.3.

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I have updated it to the iOS 11.3. I even have a feeling is the cause of the problem because it was working fine all along till I did the update. Also the Siri works fine. The noise cancellation is the the I cannot confirm working fine. How do I check it?


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