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Repair and support information for HP Laptops, designed for home and home office use.

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Microsoft Office 2010 not working? Says Product Activation failed?

I've been using it for years on my HP Pavilion DV6. About a year or so ago, when I open Microsoft Word or another office program, it comes up with a prompt screen telling me it's not activated and to change the product key, error 0x8007232B. I looked on the back of my laptop (Windows 7) and it has a product key and so I typed that in but it says it still doesn't work. It still allows me to use Microsoft Office though, I just have to click "Close" but it's still annoying. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it?

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Well years ago I must have installed Microsoft Office 2010 on to this laptop from a product key I purchased. But I no longer have that product key anymore so what do I do? It must have started happening when I had someone fix my computer and they completely wiped out everything is my guess. Did my laptop already come with Microsoft Office 2010 or perhaps I purchased a Microsoft Office 2010 activation key but the problem is I no longer have that anymore. And why does it still allow me to use it though if I just hit close? It's just annoying. It says it's Microsoft Office Standard 2010 if that helps too.


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It's looking for the activation code for MicroSoft not the computer. Was this installation an educational version? Did you update the computers OS and then this started happening?

MicroSoft considered that their products should only have a life of about six years so they stop supporting it and make it harder to operate especially if your upgrade the operating system. This is so the can keep buying their products even if they still do the job. Many corporations have adapter this six year end of life policy.n nYou can look at this here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/life...

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