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Left thumbstick cracked and coming off, and rubber pads dont last?

I do not know if its my fault, excessive use, or what, but basically the left thumbstick on my Afterglow wired controller has cracked and is now missing most of the surface area. The rubber pads that were on the joystick never lasted long either on both thumbs. Should I just use different controllers or replace my joysticks or something? I haven't seen another controller before with this problem, except in very minor cases on original Xbox controllers. Without all of the surface area, moving in the correct direction is a bit more difficult of a task, and when clicking in the stick to sprint in games can cause pain on my thumb.

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@shannoodle those have a bad tendency of wearing out rapidly with frequent use. The price of heavy gaming. I'd suggest that you replace the broken joysticks and replace the plastic caps. The joysticks are soldered to the board and will of course require soldering skills.

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Thanks for the reply. Sadly, I am still a minor with little money and no soldering gun or skill whatsoever. Does this problem happen with other controllers as bad, or are the joysticks on afterglow controllers have thinner surfaces and weaker rubber caps? Would a new controller with a pair of Kontrol freeks help prevent future damage?


@shannoodle those parts seems to be the weakest ones and where out the quickest. Anybody that can repair the controller for you (parents, relative)?


Nobody on hand. Step father and Mother have no soldering gun, and Father has no skill in it whatsoever sadly. Should I just get different brand of controllers, or something?


@shannoodle I'd hate for you to spend money on a new controller for something that can be fixed. I guess that is really all you can do at this time. Just promise you donate the broken controller to someone for repair. How about your teachers? Anybody at school that could help out?


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Glue the joystick with Loctite, when dry rap with some good quality electrical tape. That and those above joystick covers should you for a while, but I suggest getting another remote and using the other one for when friends want to play. Next time replace the rubber pads earlier. https://www.amazon.com/Afterglow-Wired-C...

Other than that, you could buy a new motherboard from eBay with the joysticks already attached. Just open the case and replace it.

A soldering iron is only $7: https://www.amazon.com/Soldering-INCLUDE...

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Thanks for suggesting some good pads. Ill be sure to use those next time


@shannoodle View updated answer.


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