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Earbuds only come thru in one speaker.

If I push the earbud jack in all the way I only gett sound in the left side. But, if I pull it out just a little bit I get both speakers working. The problem with that is, the jack won't stay in that position.

Do I need special earbuds for an Ipod Touch or do I need to replace the audio jack?

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Try it with another set of earphones first.


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it sounds like a faulty headphone jack to me, especially since you get both channels if you pull the plug out slightly - I've seen this exact symptom on various old audio gear before if one of the contacts in the jack doesn't make a solid connection with the plug.

do confirm your earphones are good on another known good audio source, but if they are your headphone jack is the problem.

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Can your order a headphone jack cause this is the same problem with me

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Hi guys,

Because the headphone jack is attached to the logic board (soldered on the logic board), replacing the headphone jack might require special tools and extreme care. It might not be a good idea to do that unless you have all the necessary tools and are willing to take the risk.

check this link on Step 10: iPod Touch 1st Generation Logic Board Replacement

Dave, I agree with Bac that it sounds as if few connectors inside the headphone jack got loose or bent. You can check inside the headphone jack using a small keychain flashlight to see if it's true. You might find something tiny but strong enough to bend the connector back to its normal condition if the connector's bent. I know it's not that easy to do, but that's all I know.

Hope you can get it back to work normally.



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