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A business-class notebook with a 13.3" touchscreen display.

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The Bios operation 2017

Hi, I know this site doesn't have the model: elitebook 850 g1 but I still wanted to ask.

I placed a bios password a while back then forgot the password and i needed this pc. i get the bios out to read data and write when placing the bios back i misssed placed the bios in the wrong place because this pc has 2 bios chips so me trying to switch it broke the path on one of them. is the pc dead? yea i guess im not messing with it but if you guys want to help please do. :)

i was thinking of jumping the bios but could not find the schematic for this model, and i dont have warranty.

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Have you tried something less dangerous like a BIOS password removal service?


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I actually bought the service from ebay and the pc got stuck on a boot loop. but thanks anyways i will sell the pc for parts :(


@lotiges, this means that the BIOS got reset. Go into the BIOS settings and verify your boot settings. It may be you have to set your SATA mode to AHCI or RAID or something like that. Also check your settings on EFI boot and secure boot.


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