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Won't let me end calls

Hi my IPhone 6s has a problem where if I make a call the screen goes black, if I press the home button the screen come back on shortly but it won't let me end the call with the red end call on screen. I have to reset by holding down the power button and home. Everything else seems to work ok.

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Sounds like you have a proximity sensor problem! How long have you had this phone? Did you buy it new or used? Has the screen been changed on it?

I believe the sensor to detect if it is up to your ear is out of position and always detecting something in front of it. Solutions could be to align the sensor correctly, or if the assembly is bad, to replace it.

Good luck!

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Hi it was the third party screen that's the problem, any idea why it would do this ? Any fix?


That can be common - Did the replacement screen come with the front camera and speaker installed? It is not un common for the sensor to be aligned poorly, or there is a possibility that the sensor assembly is defective.

Some things you can try- if you are curious enough

Remove the front camera lightsenor/prox flex cable, and test it off of the screen with your finger - to see if it activates. You might need 3 hands to do this though! and do be careful not to put any stress on the ribbons/connectors or you could cause some pretty serious damage.

If it works - then it was most likely an alignment issue and the sensor is blocked by the screen

If it doesn't work, then it is a faulty front camera flex

Here is a walk through on how to take the flex assembly out.

iPhone 6s Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Assembly Replacement

And here is a new one if yours is bad!

iPhone 6s Front Camera and Sensor Cable

Good luck :)


I have this problem and I have found if I connect head phones then it allows me to stop the call and the black screen goes away ... why would this be ? Spoke to apple and they just tell me its a hardware problem and take it to the store or it could be software ... they obviously don't know. I also have iphone 6S and it started after one of their updates a while back last year and I just live with it but its getting worse. Any suggestions as to what it could be ?


@lynnmc it is most likely the front camera assembly. Part of that assembly is a proximity sensor that detects when you phone is up to your face. It blacka out and blocks the screen so you don't press buttons. Using headphones over-rides that function as it seems you have an external headset attached.

I would open the phone and see if that sensor is aligned. Check out the ifixit guides I linked above. An easy way to test it is with voice recorder. During recording the screen will blackout if it is close to something or missaligned.

Best of luck!


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Hi the problem was the screen, any know why the screen would do this?

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I had this problem, and it was because of a slightly misaligned screen protector

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