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The Sony VAIO P series is a range of ultraportable subnotebook computers launched in January/February 2009.

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How much money would it cost to have this fixed? Is it worth it?

The fan needed cleaning, and so I took it apart to clean it, and it really did need cleaning, but I eventually got it. The only problem is that now it won’t turn on at all. I must have put something back in wrong, but I don’t know what. The battery light won’t turn on, the laptop won’t turn on, and it won’t do anything at all. It’s not the biggest deal if it’s broken for good, but I do like it, and it’s my secondary computer. My question is weather this is something easy to fix (if someone knows what it most likely is), or how much it would cost to have it checked out and possibly repaired. Would that be worth the time and effort? Or should I just replace it?

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Hello Alexis,

First things first.....smell the battery

does it smell like cotton candy or any different if so that bad boy is punctured or open somewhere.

now if you haven't checked I would recommend checking the area you cleaned and see if you got any gunk on the board from spraying the fan and check all the connections. now of course if you don't know much about repairs i would highly recommend you go to a local shop to have them check it out with there own 2 eyes since most shops don't charge for a diagnostic

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The problem is that I couldn’t find a probblem, so it’s something. It’s not the battery, I’m fairly certain I plugged every part back in, and I checked everything. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to try again I guess.


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