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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Is it possible to replace xbox one x psu with an ATX psu?

I want to replace the internal psu on the xbox one x with an atx psu that you'd use on a PC.

I can see by the teardown video that the internal psu connects to the motherboard via some kind of proprietary connection, would it be possible to somehow connect the required wires from an atx psu to that motherboard power connection point? Perhaps you could dismantle the xbox psu and use the wires from inside it (connecting to the proprietary part) to solder the atx wires to.

I know if you could somehow work past the proprietary connection point, an atx psu would definitely be able to power an xbox considering it's been done to previous generations without any problems. Thanks for considering :)

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What will it bring to add an ATX psu? I’m just curious


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According to the iFixit teardown video of the xbox one X, the internal power supply output is 12v @ 20.42a.


As long as your computer power supply can output 20a on the 12v rail, yes it should work. Keep in mind you will have to tie the pwr_on to ground in a 24v desktop power supply to get the power supply to turn on immediately. It is up to you if you want a separate power on switch for that power supply. Make sure to get the orientation of the 12v output right on the xbox motherboard. Plug in the +12v into where the +12v rail is on the xbox motherboard, and the ground to ground. Did your original xbox one x power supply die? If so, microsoft should cover it. This is not an old device whatsoever. If you are just upgrading the power supply for efficiency sake, the one microsoft implemented is probably designed well enough.

Good luck.

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No it didn't die, I just want to do this for fun. I want to take the hardware out of the xbox case and put it in a PC case, and water cool it. Powering it from an atx psu just sounds like a fitting step in this process :P


This is a screenshot from the video you posted. I highlighted the psu connection point on the motherboard. There are no wires coming off of this connection, and no obvious way to connect any to it. My question was more like, how would you connect the standard 24 pin psu wire to this proprietary connection point? We've determined that it's theoretically possible, now we just need to know how it all fits together. Has anyone taken apart an xbox one x psu? Perhaps that would help provide answers


Hi Myles. There's a good chance the motherboard uses a 2 pin female fast-on connector. If you look at the rear of the microsoft psu, it looks like they are using (2) male fast-on pins as the connector. So find yourself a few male fast-on connectors and you're good to go. They look like this:


Of course, you could just strip and shove the wire into the port on the motherboard and be done with it :D


You can find male fast-on connectors at true value / do-it-best / ace hardware stores. They are usually sold in crimp packs by wire gauge size. If you want to make a correct looking connector, measure the tab dimensions on the microsoft power supply and measure the wire gauge on the PC power supply. I believe PC power supplies use 18AWG for wiring to molex and sata power connectors. Here's a digikey link for a direct example:



Thank you! You're making this sound extremely doable, that makes total sense!


Ok so just to be clear, based on the above picture you would wire a power button to the 15+16 pins which would be used to turn on the psu, then a single wire from pin 10 to the 12v part of the xbox mobo, and a single wire from pin 24 (or any ground) to the ground section of the mobo using the fast-on pins and 18AWG wire. So I'd really only need to use two wires that actually connect to the xbox, and two more for the power button. 4 out of 24 wires are all we need? That sounds really simple

How do I know which of the female parts are ground and which is 12v? And what would happen if I got it wrong? Thanks for your help man, I don't think I would have been able to figure that out on my own :)


Is this solved already ?

im curious i wanted to do the same thing


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Run xbox one x on ATX power supply .

You should have an ATX power supply 500W , + 12V , 30A .

1- Cut all yellow ribbon and twin it

2- cut all black ribbon and twin it

3 - in the xbox one x remove psu power

4- on board you have 2 exit power +12v. And GND

5- welding yellow ribbon on +12 v

6- welding black ribbon on GND

7- in ATX power supply welding green ribbon with any black ribbon to lunch power supply

8- lunch xbox one x and you have done

Do that on you responsibility

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have you succeeded doing it? im just curious

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You could do something like this, I want to do the exact same thing you want to do and this is an easy method if it works, which it technically should.

24-Pin PSU(Female) to XBox 360 Plug(Male):


XBox 360 Plug(Female) to XBox One Plug(Male):


Wouldn’t have to cut or solder any wires with it like this and leaves capable of plugging in pumps and fans as well as LED Strips, etc.

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My Xbox one X internal power supply was damaged in a power surge and im unable to find a replacement one. Only One S version are available for sale on ebay or Amazon. Can I use it in the One X or can some help me find one or sell one to me.

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I have a soultion , but you should have an atx power supply 500 w , +12V . 30A


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