A1312 iMac Logic board compatibility question

Hi ifixit,

Hope you can help me,

I have an iMac EMC 2390 / A1312 with a blown logic board, I'm currently seeking to replace it.

The board it currently has is a 820-2901-A, I'm limited budget wise, on ebay there are 820-2828-A boards available which when searching for the model of the iMac they came up, would this logic board work in my iMac? Or do I HAVE to buy the identical board for a couple hundred more?

Many thanks for answering its greatly appreciated.

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The logic boards seldom fail on this machine. GPUs fail, power supplies and LED driver boards are the most common failures. If you don't mind please give us its symptoms.


Hi there thanks for your reply, when pressing the power button there is are no signs of life whatsoever, I have tried replacing the power supply with and had the same result


And to note the cause of this, I was replacing the hard drive and foolishly still had the power cable connected - I got an electric shock when my hand brushed the heatsink above the CPU


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