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Repair guides for the Shure SM58-LC Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone.

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Suddenly very thin sound.

One of my (5) SM 58 mics suddenly seems to have lost all bottomend- sounds thin and a bit tinny. Same cable/ input all other mics fuller sound. More out put. Any ideas?

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This is an old post but thought I’d give it a go. I had the same thing. Considered the mic lost so I investigated. I found that a piece of the grey foam circle on the capsule (so inside the mic after you remove the spherical guard) had lodged itself in one of the holes in the membrane guard. The foam was deteriorating and getting stuck between the membrane and the black plastic cover. I carefully cleaned it with a can of electronics cleaner and a careful shot of compressed air, being extremely careful to not damage the thin transparent membrane. The mic was as good as new. I did not replace the small foam disc but I don’t notice any difference. Not sure if this helps but mine is fine now. Still working fine 3 months later. Good luck!

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This just saved my SM58. Thank you! That foam bit was perished in mine too. I just crumbled it away with my thumb then gave it a blow. So not as careful as you, but seems to have fixed the problem anyway!


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It sounds like something has gone wrong with the cartridge. There's really no repairing the cartridge, so your best solution is to send the mic to Shure for repair/replacement. www.shure.com/service

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I opened up the microphone and it wasn't connected to the base. if this is the problem, go to your nearest fix store

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