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First unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show, The Audi Q7 is a seven-seater, three row, mid-size luxury SUV manufactured by Audi.

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Audi Q7 turned off and wont crank

Hello short story i was driving normaly took a turn and then steering wheel got heavy the car turned off, messages appear in the screen saying alternator not charging the batterie, eps malfuntion, gearbox limited , and the car wont even crank all accesorys worked but they where dimming so i replace the battery but nothing any tips?

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it was the ecu got water damage dont know how but it did

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How did u find out it was your ecu?


ecu is on the passanger side open the hood and under the wiper blade there is a black cover


Life saver!!!!!!!


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Following are the common solutions to kickstart your Audi Q7 once again:

- Battery Replacement

- Fuel Pump Replacement

- Ignition Switch Replacement (Electrical)

- Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

- Starter Replacement

- Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

- Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement

- No Start Diagnosis

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after having accident (a crash) with my Q7 it stop and didnt crank again. any solution?


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