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My iPhone 7 is looping the start up screen

So I got an iPhone 7 for my birthday earlier this year and I've taken really good care of it (mom says she won't replace it for obvious reasons). I was getting texts from friends and when I went to check them, my iPhone was off. That was weird because I had charged it overnight and it was just fine. It was at 95% when I last checked (10 minutes prior to the incident). Anyway, I went to reply to my friends and the iPhone showed the apple startup logo for about 10 seconds. Then it cut off and kept doing that. I'm worried because I don't want to lose the data on my phone. Please help me!!!

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It also started making me put in the password every time I tried unlocking the lock screen the night before. It said "Your password must be put in when the iPhone restarts". Do you think it's an iOS 11 problem?


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Was this a new iPhone or was it pre-owned? If it was pre-owned, it may have suffered some damage over time (drops, impacts, water etc.) that could be causing your issues. iOS 11 has suffered some issues with certain aftermarket screens so this could also be an issue.

If the phone is new, then I would take it to Apple so that they can evaluate it. If you want to save the data, you should consider bringing it to a reputable shop so that they can see if it can be easily repaired while saving your data.

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