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Released January 2015. Android smartphone.

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No sim car Problem

When i am insert my sim in slot ,then it showing "No Sim Card".The slots are working fine.Before i am using reliance sim,after i am insert airtel sim then it showing no sim car .

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I had a Mi(XiaoMi) Note pro in the past. Redmi and XiaoMi note share the same UI system. And this situation once happened on me. First check that if your XiaoMi UI is the formal UI or official Experienced UI.

If your UI system is an official Experienced UI, I suggest that you can send your phone to the Store to have a check

If you UI system is the formal one, press *#*#6484#*#* then you can check your sim card is good or not. If it shows that it doesn't works well than it's necessary to go to a Xiaomi Store to ask for help. The *#*#6484#*#*is an main simple way to check sim card works good or not.

I actually have some other ways to help, but I don't want to tell you all because that in China the workers in XiaoMi Store is helpful and I once had a try. BE CAREFUL when you're trying to fix some problems by yourself. Some of the good services are actually ONLY been developed very well in CHINA.

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i have this problem too, but sending it to the store is not an option, i need to fix this in my country

Do you know where can i find he logic board's diagrams?

I checked the simcard's sector on the board, nothing looks bad but need the diagram to be sure of what to check

Or if you know any other solution please help


mine is a Redmi 2 Pro


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sim1 and sim 2 shows NOT EXIST.. why its happening

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