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Why are still musics in iPod after having deleted them through itunes?

I deleted albuns with musics of ipod nano 4 using itunes, but they are still shown in the device, but are not shown in device windows in itunes. I need to release some space, to add more musics and this way it will not be possible. How to solve this?

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@loginer iTunes does not delete the files on your iPod. It will delete them from the resyncing cue. So, once you delete the files then sync your iPod they should no longer show up. This is most likely not a hardware issue but a setup issue between iTunes and your iPod.

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And how to sync the device? Isn't the sync automatic and instantaneous when add or delete musics from the library to the device using itunes or is there a specific step?


That will depend on your iTunes settings and which version iTunes you are using.


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