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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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DS Lite won't charge

My nephew's DS Lite won't charge. When you plug in the charger (both car and home) the orange light comes on for a moment then turns off. Removing the charger and plugging it back in does the same exact thing.

Any ideas on what might cause this?

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vic I have a gut feeling that tells me that one of your fuses is gone. Given that you have a good battery of course :) here is the information on how to fix those. http://m3wiki.com/index.php/Nintendo_DS_... and here is a discussion about it.http://www.scdev.org/forum/index.php?top... good luck and let us know how you are progressing.

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Hi oldturkey03, the first link you provided is dead by now... (2016-Dec). Can you check if the site still exists with other URL?

So you think this behavior (charge light comes on for 1 sec every time the charger is inserted) is a sign for blown fuse? I have a Lite and a DSi which exactly behave like that. Have to test the batteries first though... Also both seem not to have any bent pins or loose charge port connection as moving (bending lightly) the charger plug inside the port does nothing...



Mike Hama that is a problem when posting links as answers:-). Not doing that anymore....anyhow, take a look on here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io5iN42q...


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