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The third generation Kia Rio debuted on March 1, 2011, at the Geneva Motor Show, again based on the Hyundai Accent.

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Vehicle won't crank over

Vehicle won't crank over. I've replaced the crankshaft sensor, checked the alternator, battery, starter, coil packs, and replaced the spark plugs. And replaced the fuel pump. Just won't crank over. Any suggestions

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If you have a no crank situation and you have a good starter for sure then look for possible wiring issues . Look closely at the grounds. Check for engine codes as well . When you attempt to crank the car do you loose power to lights check the voltage at the battery as you attempt to crank . If you loose all voltage it could be a week cell in the battery that only shows up under draw conditions . Hope this helps

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Did you find out what was wrong? Im having the same issue with a Kia Rio 2011


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