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Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Samsung S6 going crazy, screen jumping

My galaxy S6 has become almost uncontrollable. It keeps jumping between full and half screens, sometimes jumping to a blank screen that says "No recently launched apps." It's like someone else is controlling it. I have restarted many times and cleared the cache to no avail. Anyone else have that problem? I did a software update recently. It's very difficult to do anything at all on it.

At first it was jumping to a partial screen where "Peel remote" is visible. I have disabled the app to no avail.

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After trying all the software fixes, without success, and realizing that the problem came on after phone was exposed indirectly to a wet rainstorm, I concluded that the button must be wet, inside the phone, and causing the button think it was being pushed. I took a deep breath and blew into the headphone jack for a few seconds. Problem is now gone.


That is amazing as I had the exact same issue. I suddenly remembered that I had rain splatter on it. Headphone jack has a little moisture in it. so all solved now just by blowing into it. thanks


I had the same problem with Galaxy S5 and rolled up a tissue then used it to clean the ear phone jack. All good for now !


I use my Samsung Galaxy S6 to watch ALOT of videos...alot. I googled how to fix a video problem where while watching a video, my screen would suddenly flicker blocks of blackout on my screen (actually the color was mostly olive/gray) but it was disturbing my enjoyment of the video I was watching. I followed the advice of blowing into the mic portal on my phone a couple of times and, viola! Worked liked a charm! So happy to fix my problem without going to a "phone fix-it store"! I was worried this problem was going to cost 100-200 dollars to "fix"!! Thanks y'all for being here and sharing your experiences. Let's keep sharing to help each other figure this stuff out! THANKS!!


My Sumsung S6 minimized all the time


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For anyone else who has this problem- I fixed it by downloading the app All In One Gestures and disabling the Recent Apps button using that.

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This seems like a pretty good idea. However...due to this:


I cannot find (or at least use) the All In One Gestures app. Do you know of an alternative?


I don't sorry, hopefully someone here does?


Button remapper will do the same thing.


All in one gesture work for me cheers as it was getting me angry lol


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1. Turn off your Galaxy S6.

2. Press and hold Power, Volume Up and the Home button.

3. You'll see a blue screen with the Android on it, then you'll be taken to the recovery menu.

4. Use the volume buttons to scroll and highlight Wipe Cache Partition. Press Power to confirm.

5. You'll see a message in yellow at the bottom of the screen when the process is complete.

6. Highlight Reboot System Now and press Power to confirm.

7. Your Galaxy S6 will reboot and recompile all of your apps. It might take a little while to re-cache them all, but once it is done you should have a Galaxy S6 running as smooth as can be.

If your clear cache of s6 but still unable to solve the problem, you should open up the phone, disconnect the flex cables of battery and display screen and reconnect them after a while. Because of overheating, the connectors of battery and display screen may get loose or burned. And it is also possible that your display screen is broken, you should get[ https://www.witrigs.com/oem-lcd-with-dig...| a new screen for your Galaxy S6].

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Does this clear everything on the phone?


did this,still flashing no recent used apps screen gone crazy


Im having the same problem with my j2 prime and the window button is also not working


I ran it once, phone rebooted and was flipping screens immediately. Ran it a second time, took about 5 minutes before my phone started doing it again. Turd. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. Good try, tho.


I’m stuck.....I highlighted reboot system now and pressed the power button but it’s not doing anything....now what?


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